Search reads through all of the repositories configured on the system, and looks for matches. Search of these repositories uses the metadata stored on the system.

It will display the latest stable versions of the charts found. If you specify the --devel flag, the output will include pre-release versions. If you want to search using a version constraint, use --version.


# Search for stable release versions matching the keyword 'nginx'
$ helm search repo nginx

# Search for release versions matching the keyword 'nginx', including pre-release versions
$ helm search repo nginx --devel

# Search for the latest stable release for nginx-ingress with a major version of 1
$ helm search repo nginx-ingress --version ^1.0.0

Repositories are managed with helm repo commands.


werf helm search repo [keyword] [flags] [options]


            use development versions (alpha, beta, and release candidate releases), too. Equivalent 
            to version `>0.0.0-0`. If --version is set, this is ignored
            search fails if no results are found
            maximum column width for output table
  -o, --output=table
            prints the output in the specified format. Allowed values: table, json, yaml
  -r, --regexp=false
            use regular expressions for searching repositories you have added
            search using semantic versioning constraints on repositories you have added
  -l, --versions=false
            show the long listing, with each version of each chart on its own line, for             
            repositories you have added

Options inherited from parent commands

            Hooks status progress period in seconds. Set 0 to stop showing hooks status progress.   
            Defaults to $WERF_HOOKS_STATUS_PROGRESS_PERIOD_SECONDS or status progress period value
            Kubernetes config file path (default $WERF_KUBE_CONFIG, or $WERF_KUBECONFIG, or         
            Kubernetes config data as base64 string (default $WERF_KUBE_CONFIG_BASE64 or            
            Kubernetes config context (default $WERF_KUBE_CONTEXT)
            Set log color mode.
            Supported on, off and auto (based on the stdout’s file descriptor referring to a        
            terminal) modes.
            Default $WERF_LOG_COLOR_MODE or auto mode.
            Enable debug (default $WERF_LOG_DEBUG).
            Enable emojis, auto line wrapping and log process border (default $WERF_LOG_PRETTY or   
            Disable explanatory output (default $WERF_LOG_QUIET).
            Set log terminal width.
            Defaults to:
            * interactive terminal width or 140
            Add time to log entries for precise event time tracking (default $WERF_LOG_TIME or      
            Specify custom log time format (default $WERF_LOG_TIME_FORMAT or RFC3339 format).
            Enable verbose output (default $WERF_LOG_VERBOSE).
  -n, --namespace=''
            namespace scope for this request
            Status progress period in seconds. Set -1 to stop showing status progress. Defaults to