Delivery commands:

  • werf converge — build and push images, then deploy application into Kubernetes.
  • werf plan — prepare deploy plan and show how resources in a Kubernetes cluster would change on next deploy.
  • werf dismiss — delete werf release from Kubernetes.
  • werf bundle — apply bundle into Kubernetes.

Cleaning commands:

  • werf cleanup — cleanup project images in the container registry.
  • werf purge — purge all project images in the container registry.

Helper commands:

Low-level management commands:

  • werf config — print dependency graph for images in werf.yaml..
  • werf managed-images — add image record to the list of managed images which will be preserved during cleanup procedure..
  • werf host — cleanup old unused werf cache and data of all projects on host machine..
  • werf helm — create a new chart with the given name.
  • werf cr — login into remote registry..
  • werf kubectl — commands for features in alpha.

Other commands: